Trafalgar Gazette

May 3, 2019

A Kagan Model School

A Note from the Principal

Team Trafalgar families,

What a wonderful year of growing and learning! It’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end. The successful ending of our school year could not have been possible without the dedication, commitment and endless hours of planning by our Team Trafalgar staff. Families, I would like to thank you for all the volunteering, reading, checking homework, chaperoning, attending school events and whatever it took to support our students at school and home.

I am honored to be the principal of such an amazing group of students! Enjoy and make happy memories with your family and friends this summer. I challenge you to read several good books over the break to keep away the “Summer Slide”!

Until next school year, remember to always smile and be kind.


Mrs. Murphy

Safety First

When leaving our campus, please refrain from using private entrances, such as Trafalgar Woods, to make a U-Turn. For everyone's safety, it is important that the rules of the road are followed. There may be an increase in police presence over the next couple of weeks to ensure everyone's safety. We appreciate your support with this.

End of Year Awards Schedule

Pre K:

Friday, May 24

9:30 am


Monday, May 20

8:30-9:00 Perry and Swanson

9:00-9:30 Palmer and Radke

9:30-10:00 Zawisza

10:00-10:30 Brisebois

1st Grade:

Friday, May 17

9:00 Fairy Tale Ball, followed immediately by awards in classrooms.

2nd Grade:

Tuesday, May 21

8:15 Sardinas, Ford, Jones

9:00 Bromfield, Hughes

10:30 Suhrie Hornsby

3rd grade:

Wednesday, May 22

8:30 Cruz and Meyers

9:00 Blanco and Hill

9:45 Hurley and Kramer

4th grade:

May 23

8:30 Caneer and Thompson

9:00 Kerans and Shaynak

May 24:

8:30 Trepkowski and Zaragoza

5th Grade Promotion:

May 29

8:30 am

More information to follow.

Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to the students below who will be going to the District’s Elementary Expo at FSW on Saturday, May 11th.

Bryce McKinnon

Sam Valentino

Angelina Castillo

Jordan Joseph

Finn Dempsey

Luke Nichols

Emily Drum

Ava Gabor

Cayden Burch

Jordyn Salerno

Early Dismissal Days

Dismissal will be 12:10 on these days:

Tuesday, May 28

Wednesday, May 29

Thursday, May 30 (Last day of school)

Art in the Garden

As part of the Edison Home's Art in the Garden, our 5th grade has legacy totems on display until May 17th. It's a free display; stop by the Edison Home to view the art work of our Trafalgar students and the art work of many Lee County students.

SAC Meeting

Thursday, May 16th, 6pm

1850 Southwest 20th Avenue

Cape Coral, FL

This is a SAC meeting only. There will be no PTO meeting.

Movie Afternoon

Friday, May 17th, 2:15-4pm

Trafalgar Elmentary School

"Ralph Breaks the Internet".

Permission slips will be sent home May 6. Be sure to sign up early as space is limited to 150 students.

Bus Stop Safety for Students

  • When waiting for the bus stop, make sure you are at least three giant steps, or 6 feet away from the street.
  • Never stand or sit near the street when waiting at your stop. Bus tops are not places to run or play.
  • Wear bright colored clothing that makes it easy for drivers to see you. Carry a flashlight and add reflective tape to your backpack.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings. Put down phones and remove ear buds so you can hear and see what's around you.
  • Ask a trusted adult to visit your bus stop. Introduce them to your bus driver and show them how you stay safe while you wait for the bus.
  • Never talk to strangers at the bus top. Alert your driver as soon as possible if a stranger tries to approach you.
  • Visit for other information.

Each of our bus riders received a flashing light to attach to their backpack. The lights the students received were donated by NBC-2 in an effort to improve bus stop safety. Please be sure to check your child's backpack to see if the light has been clipped on or if it is still inside. Thank you!

Student Council Update

The TES Student Council has been hard at work this year participating in many community outreach and fundraising opportunities. We are so proud of them for all of their effort and hard work, and thank you for your support.

Due to the great success of the Valentine Candy Gram sales, Student Council students will be donating $300 to Barbara and Friends, the Pediatric Oncology Unit at Golisano Children’s Hospital, $200 to the Gulf Coast Humane Society, and $200 to Trafalgar’s Playground Fund. Way to go Student Council!

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

With speech and language disorders ranking among the most common disabilities in children, parents and caregivers are encouraged to learn the signs—and seek an evaluation—if they have concerns about their child’s ability to communicate. Cape Coral-based Speech/Language Pathologist, Jill M. Muller, offers timely guidance for families because May is recognized nationally as Better Hearing & Speech Month.

“Development of strong communication skills is extremely important—and parents anxiously await their child’s first words,” said Mrs. Muller. “Yet common misconceptions remain. One is that children generally ‘grow out’ of speech or language difficulties. Unfortunately, this mistaken impression too often delays treatment. Of course, some children are indeed ‘late bloomers,’ yet treatment is frequently necessary, too. Good communication skills are critical, helping with behavior, learning, reading, social skills, and friendships. It is much easier, more effective, and less costly to treat speech and language disorders early—and May is a great time to educate parents on this important point.”

Speech and language disorders are evaluated and treated by speech-language pathologists. Speech is the ability to produce speech sounds using the mouth, lips, and tongue. A child may say sounds the wrong way, repeat sounds and words, or be otherwise difficult to understand. Language is the ability to use and put words together—and to understand others’ words. A child may have trouble understanding questions, following directions, or naming objects. Early speech and language treatment sets a child up for future school and social success.

Mrs. Muller shares some of the following warning signs for parents to watch for in young children:

 Does not babble (4–7 months)

 Makes only a few sounds or gestures, like pointing (7–12 months)

 Does not understand what others say (7 months–2 years)

 Says only a few words (12–18 months)

 Says p, b, m, h, and w incorrectly in words (1–2 years)

 Words are not easily understood (18 months–2 years)

 Does not put words together to make sentences (1.5–3 years)

 Says k, g, f, t, d, and n incorrectly in words (2–3 years)

 Produces speech that is unclear, even to familiar people (2–3 years)

 Repeating the first sounds of words, like “b-b-b-ball” for “ball” (any age)

 Stretching sounds out, like “fffffarm” for “farm” (any age)

For school-age children, warning signs may include the following:

 Has trouble following directions

 Has problems reading and writing

 Does not always understand what others say

 Is not understood by others

 Has trouble talking about thoughts or feelings

Mrs. Muller offers parents these tips to encourage a child’s communication development:

For young children:

 Talk, read, and play with your child.

 Listen and respond to what your child says.

 Talk with your child in the language that you are most comfortable using.

 Teach your child to speak another language, if you speak one.

 Talk about what you do and what your child does during the day.

 Use a lot of different words with your child.

 Use longer sentences as your child gets older.

 Have your child play with other children.

For elementary-age children:  Have your child retell stories and talk about their day.  Talk with your child about what you do during the day. Give them directions to follow.  Talk about how things are the same and how things are different.  Give your child chances to write.

 Read every day. Find books or magazines that interest your child.

Although treatment ideally begins early—in the toddler years—it is never too late to get treatment. The large majority of parents report significant improvement after treatment. Families can learn more and find help at and Cape Coral residents who want to schedule an assessment may contact Jill M. Muller at Trafalgar Elementary, 239-283-3043.

Have a wonderful summer break!