Adolf Hitler; Reward: $3,000,000

Why should you do this? What about our central beliefs?

You should do this for many reasons:

  1. Hitler is a prejudice man and hates on the Jewish race.
  2. Hitler is also a mass murderer for trying to kill off the Jewish race.
  3. He is also a threat to America for trying to harm us and shooting down our ships.
  4. He has brainwashed his country and his soldiers into believing that the Jewish race aren't even people at all.
  5. Hitler is also attacking our allies.

Our Central Beliefs:

  1. We believe in safety in our country and our people.
  2. We sacrifice anything we can to have victory.
  3. We train hard to get where we are.
  4. We believe in safety in our country and in our people.
  5. We help out our allies and do what we can for them.

Do Something!!

In America we believe in freedom, justice, and liberty. We have been ran on those beliefs since we declared ourself as a country and if you believe in this take action. Our enemy Adolf Hitler does not believe in this, he has been bombing us and entrapping and killing the Jewish citizens of Germany. As a country this isn't okay, we need someone to help us take action.

We can't just sit around and have someone torture poor innocent people and try to wreck our country. Would you just stand and watch someone get hurt? Would you do something about it? If you said no to the first question and yes to the second one then this is the job for you, not only are you doing something great for your country but you are also saving the lives of millions of people.

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