German Dictator Attacks Countries

Hitler invades country after country

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Hitler invading a country

Adolf Hitler invades country after country.

Hitler begins invading country after country beginnings September 1 1939 which starts the world war 2! Hitler's goal is to gain Lebensraum for the Germanic peoples.With the help of the places he invaded he is attempting to take over all the world. His attack on Poland in 1939 started world war 2 and by 1941 Germany occupied much of Europe and North Africa.

Austria was 1938- Austria fell

First was Poland in 1939 at Warsaw, Poland fell.
Belgium was 1940- They surrender
France was 1940- They surrender
Netherlands was 1940- They surrender
Luxembourg was 1940- annexed to Germany
Channel Islands was 1940- They surrender
Romania was 1940- They surrender
Soviet Union was 1940- Germany loses
Yugoslavia and Greece was 1941- They surrendered
Serbia was 1941- They surrendered
Crete was 1941- They surrendered
Estonia was 1941- German occupation
United States was 1941- Germany loses
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Hitler With the Nazi Flag.

Hitler invaded all the countries that benefited him and his motive for doing so. Switzerland was incredibly difficult terrain to conquer and its citizens were well trained to fight off invaders. Sweden, Norway and Finland was of little immediate strategic values. Given time, Hitler and the Nazi force probably would of gotten to Spain and Portugal but the allied forces stopped him before he got there. Germany would have taken over every European country given enough time and the world if they had the time.
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Hitler commanding his troops.