Fusion Kids Co-Op

April 2016 Newsletter

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This month.... Biomes!

This month at Fusion Kids Co-op we are learning about Biomes/habitats. We will look at four vastly different regions, the rainforest, the arctic tundra, the African savanna and the ocean.

In the blue room this month we will get to know the animal inhabitants of each of our biomes. We will explore the classroom getting to know what they look like, what they eat, and their habits. We will complete an explorer’s guide of all the animals we studied throughout the month. This month we will continue to work on letter recognition and learning letter sounds. The children will also do a lot of writing and use letters to make words, which you will see in their explorer guides.

In the green room this month we will take a look at each biome first through the eyes of an ant. Ants exist in every biome so they will help us travel from region to region. We will learn how everything works together in these biomes to make up their ecosystem. They will learn what a predator is and what they pray on. We will learn how some animals camouflage themselves for survival. We will continue to write our numbers and drawing our shapes. The kids have also really enjoyed adding and subtracting so I will continue that this month along with counting grouped items.

In the red room we will learn about recycling. Week one we will introduce the kids to recycling and conservation through books,sorting and finding out which items can be recycled. Week two we will prepare for an earth day celebration which will take place April 20th. Week three we will create recycled art. Week four we will create recycled jewelry and fashion. Our music for the month is sounds of earth by David Sun.

The play house will be transformed into an animal hospital and sanctuary. The children can pretend to be veterinarians and learn about endangered animals in their biomes.

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We’ve spoken with the children about this a little, this month we will collect bottles and cans for recycling. Please bring them already washed out and or smashed. If anyone has a trash can we could use that would be awesome. We would like to take the money that they earn and put it towards things to do on our field trip to the zoo and fairytale town. Ask friends and family if they could help us in reaching our recycling goal.
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(From Ms Courtney) - I would like to thank all the parents for helping out with our Easter party, it was fabulous. I loved all the activities you planned and the creative snacks.
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This month we will take a trip to the zoo to see some of the animals we are studying. We will also visit fairytale town and experience some of the stories we have read through the year. More details to come - stay tuned!

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(From Samantha, Jackson's mom) Our fundraiser yard sale has been moved to next Saturday the 16th from 7am-12pm at Plumas Lake Self Storage.

I do need a few volunteers to help prepare the garage sale on Friday the 15th, and to work the garage sale on Saturday. If you're able to help, please, let me know.

If you have anything to donate, please bring it to school this week or make arrangements with me to get it.

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(Also from Samantha) We'll be having a bake sale at our garage sale next Saturday the 16th.

Please let me know what you can bring. Please bring them to school Friday the 15th and package your baked goods individually so they're ready for sale. Store bought or homemade are both welcome. Thanks!