Cape town, South afirca

beautiful view's and wonderful food- welcome to cape town

The beautiful views

This is a famos river in south africa called the orange river.the great escapement is a famos land features. One of the plateau covers two thirds of the land in south africa.The great rivers is a famos river.St john church was the first church in south africa

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discover your taste buds.

The most popular food in south africa.Typical morning food is eggs, bacon, and sausages.For lunch their taste buds eat beef, pork, chicken,and seafood with yellow rice called bobtie. For water whites always have clean water and the blacks don't always have clean water.

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History and culture is big in South Africa

This is some of the history and culture in South Africa.South Africa was the first South Africa nation to host the world cup.In 2002 South Africa hosted the launching of the new African union.The first people to arrive in South Africa were the san people.In 1968 South Africa was banned from playing in the olympics.

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The sport crazy country.

This is the kind of entertainment they have in South Africa.They play soccer and played in the world cup.South Africa is a "sport crazy" country.It was illegal for different color's to play because of the apart tied in 2002 blacks and whites joined to cheer for the soccer team

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The popular languages in South Africa.

most cintens can speak two languages spanish portuguese goodly unstood because conlization. spanish is understooded because T.V programs.They have four languages they speak. spanish is one of the most popular languages in South Africa.

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The best time's to visit South Africa.

South Africa has a mediterran climate along the western cape. Snow is confience to darkenburgs and matai mountains. best times to visit is in the summer and the fall. This is the best times to visit

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