Anti Hero

entry #3 By: Ryan Grams

part one

My thoughts about how Macbeth is a flawed hero: I believe he was a tragic hero because he loved his wife and did everything she told him to do even if it was something bad like murder. Some of Macbeths qualities are he is loving to his wife and willing to do anything for her. he is also selfish and greedy about the throne. Macbeths flaw was that he murdered king Duncan because his wife told him too. Macbeth fell because his wife was giving outs hits over time about them murdering king Duncan. He got big hole because his wife told him to murder Duncan and he is very easy to convince that it would benefit them both. Macbeth will believe anything his wife says.

part two

V for vendetta had a dystopian society in which the Gov't was a 100% in charge. V was the anti- hero. The monster was the Gov't. V fights back by killing and blowing up gov't people and gov't buildings. He also uses cameras to show what the gov't does and puts them on TV live for everyone to see on how the gov't is taking over everything. In the end V was successful because he got tones of supporters who became against the gov't. He died in the end but his body was neatly placed in one of his train cars filled with bombs and sent to the judgment building to make big fireworks. aka ( big explosion).
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