Ms. Boyajan's Weekly Email

March 21st-March 25th


The students have Thurgood Marshall packets logged in the social studies section of their binders from last week. Those are due tomorrow! With all the other things going on this week (quizzes, tests, projects) that will be their only homework for the week. They should spend Tuesday-Thursday nights studying and working on their project.

For Before Spring Break...

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  • Thurgood Marshall packet due March 22nd
  • Thurgood Marshall project due March 23rd
  • Report Cards go home on March 24th
  • Spelling Quiz on March 25th (words glued in agendas)
  • Cesar Chavez paper due April 1st (they will be completing this in class unless they do not finish)
  • Spelling Quiz on April 1st (no words in agenda yet-look next Monday)
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Museum Walk

This is a picture of a museum walk (pulled from an online website). The students will be participating in this on Wednesday with their Thurgood Marshall projects. They will set them out with their inscription, then we will all walk around while "elevator" music is playing as if we are in a museum. At the end the students will get a chance to ask other students questions. We will also discuss some of the creations we saw as a class and relate them to all we have been learning about Thurgood Marshall.

I just wanted you to have a visual of the product and presentation because it might help as your student is finishing up their project!