A & P Cardiac Disease

Due: 2/24/17

Research Topics

The heart and circulatory system are prone to a variety of disorders because of the intricacies of the anatomy and physiology. For the heart disorder you have chosen provide the following in a Smore presentation (each category below is worth 10 points): Include all resources in MLA format.

1. Define the disorder

2. Describe (in detail) the cause(s) of the disorder

3. Incidence (occurrence per 100,000 people, for instance)

4. How it can be prevented (if possible)

5. Risk factors for disease

6. Current treatment options (primarily in US, but foreign, too, if available and different)

7. Minimum of 8 graphics, illustrations, images

8. ALL sources properly credited in MLA format, including sources used for graphics, images, illustrations

Possible Cardiovascular Diseases

Possible Heart Disease Topics

- Arrhythmia

- Fibrillation

- Cardiac tamponade

- Angina pectoris

- Myocardial Infarction

- Valvular stenosis

- Heart murmurs

- Tachycardia

- Bradycardia

- Endocarditis

- Cardiac catheterization

- Commotio cordis

- Heart palpitations

- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

- Myocarditis


All resources and images should be presented in MLA format.