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Week 2 Wrap Up!

And we're off!!

Oh my goodness i felt like today went SO much better! The chaos in the gym seemed much more manageable. Thank you to all the moms who supervised and kept the cars on *their* side. Please send me more feedback if you think of any changes that might make it even better for everyone.

I heard from a couple of tutors the the classrooms were a bit more to manage today, since everyone is getting comfortable. That's normal! Just keep plugging away and reminding the kids to raise their hand, and respect the authority in the room. They'll settle down in a week or 2.

The building looked perfect again when I came down from Essentials. However, I think the same 5-ish moms were left to clean up the lunch room again. I'd like to avoid a full cleaning rotation for that room, if possible. For next week, if everyone can make sure to clean up whatever sheet you have been sitting on, that will only leave a quick vacuum of crumbs for the final job! If you have any ideas of how to best manage or organize this, please let me know!

A few people know that I LOVE All About Reading & All About Spelling. I brought a book today for one mom to look at, and ended up explaining it to a few others!! HERE is a link to my review of both programs.

Timeline - Age of Ancient Empires Video

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For Week 3:

Family Presentation: Abeyta

Gym: Rafer & Gilbert

Nursery: TBA (I'm not sure who is next, I'm sure Kristin will get the new list to us ASAP!)

Presentation Topic: Funny Story/Joke or Favorite Scientist

(topics are suggestions only, use whatever your student likes!)

Presentation Focus: 3 second eye contact (looking around the room, not at the floor or just your notes)

Community Announcements:

  • Please RSVP to Jen Wier about attending The Nutcracker in Bellevue (Dec 12)! We need RSVPs by the end of Sept, with Payment during the first week of October.
Week 2 And Beyond

How some of this week's content will be further explored in Essentials and Challenge!

Important Dates:

Sept 17, noon: Camlan Medieval Village (click for address)

Oct 7 (Week 5): PICTURE DAY!! Details about the day will come out the week prior

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Classical Chats - Helping You to Educate Classically

Classical Chats #1: "But I've Already Read That"
Reading Correlations

Brandy Ferrell has blogged many extra resources for Cycle 2. You don't need anything extra for CC (outside of math and reading/spelling), but if you want more to fill out your day, here is a great place to start!

Encouraging Video of the Week!

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