Weekly Knight News

Week of 3-16-15

Study Tables

Just a reminder to be walking around making sure students are working during Study Tables. With 2 adults in there you can take turns rotating around. There are a few students in there for a requirement from myself or Mr. Cain and they shouldn't be watching movies, playing games, etc...

Teacher of the Year

This week we will be voting on our building's teacher of the year. I want to review our process with team leaders during our meeting tomorrow to make sure they want to continue with that voting process. Be on the look out for instructions on Tuesday on how to vote for our teacher of the year. Guidelines one what to keep in mind will also be coming to you soon.

6+1 Writing Workshop

The first writing workshop is this Tuesday at South Side from 3:30-4:30. A reminder that this is for all teachers not only the ELA teachers. Everyone is a writing teacher in their class and to correctly implement the district goals, your attendance is important.

Attendance isn't required but it is strongly recommended. You will receive one PGP for each workshop you attend. If you attend all of the workshops then you will receive a $50 gift card to Walmart.

Just so you know...

We will have the East Noble Academy here on Monday from 8:00-10:00. This is a group of community members that Mrs. Linson has monthly meetings with regarding the ins and outs of our corporation. On Monday they will start in the library and hear about ENSC's food service program, the middle school SWAT team, and then taking a tour of the building.

On Wednesday a rep from the DOE will be in the building because we are still labeled as a Focus School. He will be here from 7:30-1:00ish and I will have the pleasure of entertaining him.

Missing Assignments

On Thursday and Friday we will show a movie in the auditorium for all students with no missing assignments. To be eligible for this students must turn in their assignments by the end of school on Wednesday.

It is up to your team if they can turn them in on Thursday and Friday for a grade. I know some teachers wanted to make sure students had something to work on during NE on Thursday.

Report Card Grades

Just a reminder that this Friday is the end of the 3rd nine weeks. Report card grades will be due the Monday we return from break. Report cards will go home that Wednesday. However, the office needs to time to look over the report cards to make sure everything is correct, if something needs fixed then a teacher needs time to fix it, we also need to attach invitations for the honor roll breakfast, and organize them by NE. This is why we need them complete by Monday (6th) morning.


We will meet in the library as a group. I will be sharing AMAO data and what the corporation's plan is to complete the state's requirement.

Following that you will meet in departments. I will be meeting with ELA to discuss the DOE visit.


Monday- EN Academy 8:00-10:00

Team Leader Meeting 3:10

Tuesday- Writing Workshop 3:30-4:30 at South Side

Wednesday- DOE visit

Deming out p.m.- Principal Meeting

Thursday- Movie during NE for students w/ no missing assignments

Deming out- MACUL Technology Conference

Friday- Movie during NE for students w/ no missing assignments

Deming out- MACUL Technology Conference