Cody Truslow

What is Logging?

Logging, or commercial logging, involves cutting trees for sale as timber or pulp. The timber is used to build homes, furniture, etc and the pulp is used to make paper and paper products. Logging is generally categorized into two categories: selective and clear-cutting. There is no real education needed unless you are a truck driver you will need a CDL. Your salary would depend on what you did.

Types of logging

The 3 types of Logging

Selective logging is selective because loggers choose only wood that is highly valued, such as mahogany.

Clear-cutting is not selective. Loggers are interested in all types of wood and therefore cut all of the trees down, thus clearing the forest, hence the name- clear-cutting.

Strip logging involves the clear-cutting of a relatively thin strip of forest that parallels a river (goes along the river) along a slope.