Banneker Principal Weekly Update

March 22 - March 26 (B-Week Specials)

Principal's Welcome Message and P2 Theme

Greetings Banneker Families,

Can you believe how much spirit these Broncos have. Last week was crazy hair & hat days on Thursday and Friday for our spirit theme and students did not disappoint. We have one week left celebrate school spirit month. This Thursday and Friday will be OVER THE TOP Banneker BLUE SPIRIT. We are looking to fill the yearbook with great spirit pictures. Make sure to order your yearbook soon! I have included more details below. I heard recently that some neighboring schools had to cancel their yearbooks due to low participation. Let's support our yearbook so that we can get it published. We have currently sold 35 but we need pre-order 75. Do you think we can sell 40 more yearbooks? I know we can. Did you know that we are already planning for next school year? If you know someone who needs to enroll at Banneker or know a family who enrolled in homeschool last year but wants to come back to Banneker next year, now is the time to preregister. Are you looking for a great gift for Mother's Day or just want a cool piece of your child's artwork memorialized? Please click the links below for information on how to buy your child's Original Works. You won't regret it. Last week’s Positivity Project theme was The Love of Learning. This week's Positivity Project theme is Humor. Humor means you like to laugh and bring smiles to other people. Humor is a sense of playfulness and lightness. It is a way of looking at and describing the world that brings laughter to people. A person with the strength of humor is skilled at seeing the funny side of things, bringing smiles and laughter to others, and identifying and communicating the absurdities in life. Are you enjoying the "Best of Banneker" articles? This week we are highlighting Me. Let's have a great week together and remember, next week is SPRING BREAK!

Robert L. Carter, Principal

Specials B-Week

This week is an B-Week for specials

Positivity Project Resources for Families

Please enjoy taking a look at the family resources from P2. What a great resource. Enjoy.

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The Best of Banneker- Robert L. Carter (ME)

Greetings Banneker Families. My name is Robert L. Carter and I am the principal at Banneker. This is my 6th year as a principal and they have all been at Banneker. Prior to taking this principalship, I was the assistant principal at Emerick Elementary in Purcellville and prior to that I was a teacher and administrator in Clarke County for 7 years. I grew up in Winchester Virginia and my graduating senior class had 30 students in it. You see, I was made for small schools. After high school, I went to a small college in T.N. called Bryan College where I got a degree in Elementary Education. Later I got a masters degree in Education Administration and a Professional Learning Certificate in Reading from Shenandoah University. I live in Round Hill with my wife and our 3 children. These days you can find us being very active with sports (football, baseball, and soccer). One thing you don't know about me is that I took a "gap year" in college, before it was called a gap year, to teach English in China. What I love most about Banneker is that I have been with all of you since kindergarten, meaning for most of you, I have been your principal since your first day of school. Indeed, we are family.

Upcoming Calendar Events

March 25 & 26 Over the Top Banneker Blue Spirit Days

March 29 - April 2: Spring Break