Market structure's

By: Arnoldo Medina

Monopoly- Ga Power

  • It was founded in 1945 by Henry M. Atkinson
  • Georgia power is currently on Nasdaq for $27.49
  • Georgia power hasn't merged with any other company but it does have a subsidiary with Southern Power.
  • Georgia power is still up and running
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Oligopoly- Coca-cola

  • It was introduced in 1886 and invented by John Pemberton
  • Pepsi is currently competing against Coca-cola
  • Coca-cola is currently on Nasdaq for $45.88

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Perfect and Monopolistic Competition


It is sold everywhere in America. Apples come in different colors, shapes, and tastes.


Toothpaste is sold throughout America. Toothpaste is used to clean and freshen breath. Toothpaste comes in different flavors and functions.