Words- Academic Vocabulary

By: Danielle Barnes

My learning from Vocabulary Module

Through this module I have learned many new things about vocabulary not only within the classroom but within every day life as well. I first learned that Shift 6 speaking of Academic Vocabulary is very important to incorporate within the classroom. The use of the three tiers in crucial to student learning and understanding of vocabulary throughout the year. I also saw that using successful strategies can help students use the new vocabulary they learn to build upon and gain more knowledge throughout lessons in the school year. Next, academic vocabulary is what sets the tone of the lesson, if the students do not understand the vocabulary in the lesson they won't understand the lesson. It is the foundation of learning and students can use vocabulary to grow in new content areas. Teachers should know ways to reach all types of learners and use new tools to target struggling readers to understand and learn new vocabulary presented to them. This module was full of information on words and showed how important words are for students and teachers in growing academically throughout the course of the school year.

How I can us this knowledge...

Ways I can use this new knowledge in my content area.

Some ways I can use this new knowledge on vocabulary in my content area of math is by helping students learn new vocabulary words and build upon them from each lesson progression. The new strategies I will implement in my classroom will be through the use of digital tools such as math dictionary online, with word clouds, and through games and review with flashcards and stations. I chose these strategies because this will help students build their vocabulary in a variety of ways and meet the needs of diverse learners throughout the classroom. With my knowledge of Tier 2 words I will help students know the difference between tier 1 and 2 words and understand why Tier 2 words are important to vocabulary. This will help students understand not only the words but their meaning and importance they have in vocabulary learning.

Danielle Hare

  • READ5317-620
  • Senior in SECU Partnership East Program through ECU
  • Internship in a 2nd grade classroom at Rosewood Elementary School