By: Maham


Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system it is also the closest planet to our sun.Mercury was discovered in 2000 BC its mass is 328.5E21 kg and surface area is 74,797,000 km2.Like all the other planets mercury orbits the sun.


Mercury is the closest planet to the sun witch also makes it the hottest.Mercury is 57,910,000 km. Mercury's temperature is 275 degrees Celsius.It is impossible to have any life on mercury it is just to hot.There is also no life on mercury.

surface and diagram

The first flyby was in 2008 14 January by Messenger

Facts and physical characteristics

Mercury orbits the sun faster then any other planet it was named after the roman swift footed messenger god.75% of mercury is a metal core and until 1965 scientists thought that mercury only faced one side of the sun.Mercury also dose not have any moon phases or satellites.Mercury is the least explored planet because of the heat.