Fiction Project "Perfect Season"

By: Tim Green Published: 2013 Genre: Realistic Fiction

Plot Summary

The story "Perfect Season" is about a boy named Troy who is a "football genius". The reason people call him a Football Genius is because he can predict the plays a team will run before they even line up to run it. Troy had to move to New Jersey in order to fulfill a 5 million dollar contract he made with the Jets. Although his dad had lost all of the money for his family and put Troy in a financial crisis.

Troy also had a great passion for football, and so did a lot of the friends he met in New Jersey. Troy and his coach Seth who came all the way up from Atlanta wanted to have a team with a perfect season. They played on a team who had not won a game in a very long time. Most people wanted the Program sold for money, but Troy and Seth were not willing to let that happen. Troy and Seth along with Chuku and other teammates were going to turn a team who had never won a game into champions.

Troy and his team were threatened to be closed and forced out of the championship, but Seth and Troy were not willing to give the season up just yet. Troy went for his dad, who had said that if Troy ever needed anything he would be there. No matter what happened Troy's dad was glad he got to help Troy. Meanwhile, in one of the games Troy was hit, and he lost his "power". That caused problems with the Jets and his contract, so then Troy was surrounded in troubles. His family was there though, and they pulled him through all of it. This has to be one of the books I would recommend to read.


The setting takes place in New Jersey and other football stadiums. The time takes place in modern times. The Setting effects the plot in many ways. For example, if Troy hadn't moved to New Jersey, then half the important things in the story would not have happened. There would not have been a Summit football league, and Troy would have never gotten to play football. Finally, if Troy had not gone to Summit football, then Troy and his team would have never existed, because in the book they were planning to sell it for money until Troy came and tried to earn the team a Perfect Season. These are all some of the ways that the setting of the story effects the plot.


In the story there were many characters in the story. The main protagonist was Troy. Troy was very determined. For example, Troy had to pass a really hard test in order to play a league up, and aside from the difficulty, he worked extremely hard, and was determined to complete the test. Another example is when his family was called to court, and Troy got his dad to try and help, but he didn't come, so Troy did his best and was determined to convince the judge his family was framed. Finally, in the final game of Troy's season, he did his best and was determined not to lose, so he pulled his team through and won the game.

There were also people who cased the protagonist trouble. The main antagonist was Troy's dad. Troy's dad was irresponsible. The reason he was irresponsible is because when Troy got a multi-million dollar contract for football, his dad spent his money. Another reason is when Troy was born, he would rarely take care of him, and he always got in to trouble. Finally, Troy's dad is irresponsible because when he told Troy that if he ever needed him, he could help, but when Troy needed him he was not there for him, because he was too irresponsible to keep himself on track and focus on Troy. These are are reasons Troy's dad is irresponsible.

Point of View

The point of view in the story is very important. The point of view is third person limited. This is important, because if you knew all the thoughts of every character, then you would understand their thoughts, and maybe think differently about them. Since it was limited, then you could only know Troy's thoughts, which meant that you would usually be on his side because of you understanding how he feels. Also if you knew the thoughts of everyone else, then you would also be able to understand why the agents were trying to sell the football program and end their season. These are all reasons the point of view is important.


There were also a series of external and internal conflicts through out the book.

  1. Tate's dad had been badly injured. Internal, because she had to pull herself through the tragedy, and tell herself everything will be OK.
  2. Troy and his family were being sued. External, because Troy had to testify against it.
  3. Troy would have to complete a hard test to play up one league. External, because Troy had to make himself go through the hard work, and pass the test.
  4. Troy was a touchdown away from winning the championship game, and they had only one play left. External and internal, because Troy would have to make a good pass, while still having confidence in himself that he would be able to do it.


The theme of this story is never give up. The reason this is the theme is because half of the story wouldn't have taken place if Troy had given up. For example, if Troy had given up when people tried to close the football program, then Troy would not have even gotten to play in the championship. Another reason the theme fits is because if Troy had given up at the end of the championship game, then Troy wouldn't have gotten the perfect season he had worked so hard for. These are all reasons that the theme of the story is never give up.
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