Gun Violence

US & India

Gun Violence is an issue on Human Rights

Gun Violence is an issue on human rights because their accidents happening with guns and also on purpose for killings. We are affected because a lot of deaths and suicides based on guns. An example is approximately more than 30 people are shot and murdered each day in the USA. Adults let use their child use the gun but end up shooting someone on accident. Another example is accidental shooting deaths from people firing guns into the air.

Whats happening now of the issue of Gun Violence?

"When a minority in the Senate stopped passage of a bipartisan, common-sense measure to expand background checks and better protect our communities and families, OFA supporters refused to back down. We know that local organizing can change a community, and that can change a state. And state by state, we can bring that change to the country." A lot of programs try their best to help the gun violence to stop.

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