21st Century Learning

Does your child know more about technology than you do?

Wondering why your child is on the computer so much? Do you feel like they are spending too much time on the computer on playing with that facebook? Seems like s/he can not get enough of that interWebz? Come join our teachers to learn how technology is the key to your children's success

Technology, Teachers, sTudents and YOU!

Tuesday, Oct. 29th 2013 at 3:30am

52 Broadway

New York, NY

Take the 4 train or the 5. How bout the LIRR and hop in a taxi. Or park your car for $79.99 per half hour just around the corner on exchange street and broadway.


330 - 400 Wake up game of Whoosh!!!

404 - 445 Gripe Session about how early it is!!

445 - 500 Break for a quick Cat Nap of COFFEE

500 - 545 Technology Today

600 - 700 Technology Tomorrow

800 - 900 Media Literacy

900 - 500 WORK. YAY