Animal Farm Chapter Three

by Joey Temenski


In chapter three Boxer thinks he is responsible when there is a problem on the farm. He has lots of experience on the farm a lot more than the other animals. If Boxer slewed down everyone else would because they all "Worked to his capacity". Every time there was work the cat was not to be found. When there was food like breakfast or dinner the cat would be there. Other animals started to learn how to read and right. The sheep only get to A. The horses get to A, through H. The pigs put the milk and apples in there food. The pigs tell the other animals that they need it for there health to make them live longer.

Notice And Notes / Again And Again

One of the sign posts is on page 29 when Boxer says "I will work harder". This shows that Boxer is important when it comes to plowing the fields. He works harder because if he slows down or slacks behind all the other animals fall behind. When there is an issue on the fields he will works harder.