Digital Content & Your District

Overcoming Obstacles and Maximizing Benefits


The webinar selected was entitled "Digital Content & Your District" - Overcoming & Maximizing Benefits. The roughly hour long presentation was delivered by Moodle rooms. Moodlerooms is an education technology company dedicated to institutions across the globe. Mooleroom also seeks out ways to improve teaching and learning by delivering enterprise services to make Moodle easier to use for schools.

The Growth of the Digitally Connected Classroom

The classroom is becoming more digitally connected with each passing day. Teachers have always sought out new delivery methods for content that will engage their students and allow for learning. A major reason for the recent push for classrooms taking more and more classroom material online is a desire to maintain a flipped classroom. Learning management systems (LMS) have teaching of courses and content online a possibility for all schools.

What is an LMS?

In the higher education market as of fall 2011, Blackboard is the leading provider with 51% market share, with Moodle (19%) and Desire2Learn (11%) being the next two largest providers.

The people at moodlerooms created the visual below to help explain what the LMS is responsible for and what their xpLor program can achieve. Content is a major portion of the LMS and xpLor seeks to help make the authoring, sharing, copywriting, & delivery of content happen with greater ease and efficiency.

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The Content Conundrum

The growth in taking more classroom material and content online has created what the presenters called a "content conundrum." Essentially teachers struggle to find exactly what they need and to how get it to fit exactly into their lesson or unit. Teachers have a wealth of tools available but their are roadblocks that can arise. Choosing the right vehicles for providing on-line learning, the cost of those programs, and the sheer volume of these options can become difficult for teachers to overcome.

Steps to Overcoming the Content Conundrum

The presenters saw web 2.0 and cloud computing as a means to overcoming the content conundrum. One helpful tool being cloud computing. Cloud computing allows for sharing within the class & school but also with other schools in other locations.

The cloud also reduces storage needs for schools, enables collaboration. The presenters noted real interaction or face to face interaction can be a difficult maneuver in the classroom. However, file sharing, best done via cloud computing is easier. The webinar presenters went onto present their own technology xpLor. But the also noted that items such as google apps allow for this streamlining of content in the classroom.

  • xpLor appears to be an exciting web program where an effective cloud computing system for the classroom can exist. Xplor isnt going to replace a program like google apps for education. It is meant to work along side such an platform.

  • Below you can find the google apps for education webinar. This webinar walks users through the basics of google apps for education. What is compelling about the google apps webinar is the beginning where the viewer gets to see how group projects were conducted just a few years ago. You then see how these issues are eliminated via google apps for education.

Google Apps Education Edition Recorded Webinar

Creative Commons & xPlor

Its important to understand the relationship with digital rights and copy rights. Creative Commons (see CC intro video) is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. xpLor will work along side creative commons. Imported or created content can be copy written via a built in tool to allow teachers to copyright their material. Attributions and copyright rules carryover within xpLor.

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