-Something About Paris-

A Brief Summary About Paris

Paris is called the city of light, and is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Here you'll find the world's center of culture, art, fashion and cuisine. See the famous vacations sights in Paris that inspired great literature, painters of genius, stunning architecture and parks. Breathtaking beauty is everything you look. The French have an expression. Joie de vive, "which means joy of living zest, and enthusiasm. Parisians know how to take time to savor the joy in every moment. Your vacation in Paris will introduce you to French joie de vive.


-why we should we go to Paris is because its somewhere that I had never been to and plus it seems like its fun up their and another reason why is because their clothes is different form down where we stay at that's why we should go to Paris.

-what would we do their is go try different foods try on different clothes and other things like that.

-when should we go is maybe one day in the spring time or we could make a trip up there around this time that's what I think.

-where we should go is to Paris I because that's somewhere that some people haven't been.

-how we should get there is to travel on plane and the reason why I said Is because some people haven't never been on a plane before and that's why I think Paris will be and exciting trip for al of us.