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Tokyo, Japan

Airfare Cost and Schedule

This flight will be a three flight trip form Denver, Colorado to Tokyo, Japan, this flight will also be nonstop

The flight back is from Tokyo, Japan to Denver, Colorado, this flight back will also be nonstop

The cost for two people is $5143.00 For this trip of two, but if it was one person it would cost $2572.00, you might want to buy things at the airport like food and books, so add another $50.00 and the total cost plus tax would be $5193.00

The flights might change from time to time, if there is no nonstop flight the do a one stop flight which would be from Denver, Colorado to Los Angeles, California, then you would change planes the you leave from Los Angeles, California to Tokyo, Japan. The cost for on would be $2143.00, for two people it would cost $4286.00, add $50.00 for books, food, magazines, or drinks. The total cost would be $4336.00


Once you get to Tokyo, Japan you will need a place to stay, well this hotel might cost you an arm and a leg but you might want to stay there, Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel.

At a five star rating this hotel is great for relaxing and time alone. For instance, the bathroom is very delightful and spacious, has a shower, bath and your own robes.

There inside pool is really colossal and when you want to relax then go to the pool side and relax in the pleasant and snug pool side pool chairs, the pool chairs are very beautiful and homey.

There rooms are very very vast and sizable, the room has a ginormous flat screen TV, your own desk to work on, and your own book shelf for you and the books you can read and not get bored at all.

There dinning room is very very pleasant, has an upstairs balcony and for the down stairs area you can get a view of the city. Lastly is is very expensive, yet its a nice hotel it is a bit pricey, for $692.00 a night it is amazing place to stay.,Japan-c21033/2014-04-16/2014-04-30/2guests


One if the things you can do is you can Soak at a Natural Hot Springs. This can make you relax in this after a nice long hike, plus it could be in the middle of the day or at the end of the day, the place is called Onsen, averaging to about $100.00 for the hot springs, plus the hot spring is also a hotel, and also $100.00 a night for the spring

If your feeling adventurous the you can hike the Northern Alps of Japan, the breath taking peaks of Japan's Northern alps are considered the countries most hiking site. A good reason-from the small of Kamikochi the getaway to the area, visitors have a choice easy day hikes or week-long adventures that would challenge the fittest climbers

History and Culture

The thing in Japanese culture in mostly there food, the food makes the culture huge. For example they have only two type of noodles such as Udon Noodles and Soba Noodles. The Udon Noodles consist wheat ( thick wheat noodles ) and the Soba Noodles use flour ( thin, grayish-brown noodles containing buckwheat flour.)

Another food item in Japanese culture is rice, rice is the main thing in Japan in general. Most of the rice of Japan is white rice, but many flavorings are added such as soy sauce, wassabi and many many more. They also fry the rice till brow or they have brown rice. It's very very hard to eat form chopsticks because you would only have ten pieces of rice on there, they eat with a spoon ( sometimes.)

The history of Japan has some key importance in there history that makes Japan, Japan. They have many periods like the earth did before the human race, Japan had the Paleolithic period, Jomon period, Yayoi period, Asuka period, Nara period, Heian period, Kamakua period, Kemmu restoration, Muromachi period, Sengoku period, Azuchi-Momoyama period, and Christian mission. These are all of the periods of japans history and culture

Problems to Anticipate and Solutions Suggested

In Japan there will be many problems that you'll face, such as jet lag, one of many things, jet lag will get you confused on your sleeping patterns and days and nights, so to help that you can go to bed in the morning in America and think it is night time in Japan and then wake up in night in America and think it is morning in Japan.

Another problem is pick pocket people, in populated areas there will be more people that pick pocket then less populated areas, such as Tokyo. People can come from behind and the just grab into your pocket and or you purse and just steal your wallet and then run or walk away from your area, when this happens you'll be on the streets of Tokyo trying to find some money or nothing to buy or eat. To solve this you can leave your wallet and take some money from your wallet, NOT ALL OF IT, you can just bring a few yen ( aka Japanese money.) Then you wouldn't have all of your money stolen and then you could have some money left if it does get stolen. These problems can be solved easily if you improvise to these problems.


So in conclusion, Japan is a beautiful yet a fascinating place to be, the hotels, places to go, the history and many many more. So i suggest that you go to japan for the sightseeing and places to go. Might be pricey to go to Japan but it is a cool and amazing place to relax and have fun in

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