Apps of the Week

QR codes


  • Learn how to create a QR code
  • Dowload and try i-nigma to scan QR code and link to something
  • Workflow questions
  • See samples of QR code activities

Technology Applications Kinder-2nd

  • Creativity and innovation. (1B) Create original products using a variety of resources; (1D) Create and execute steps to accomplish a task; and (1E) Evaluate and modify steps to accomplish a task.
  • Communication and collaboration. (2D) Select, store, and deliver products using a variety of media, formats, devices, and virtual environments.
  • Digital citizenship. (5B) Comply with acceptable digital safety rules, fair use guidelines, and copyright laws; and (5C) Practice the responsible use of digital information regarding intellectual property, including software, text, images, audio, and video.

Technology Applications TEKS 3rd- 5th

  • Creativity and innovation. (1B) Analyze trends and forecast possibilities, developing steps for the creation of an innovative process or product
  • Communication and collaboration. (2A) Draft, edit, and publish products in different media individually and collaboratively; and (2E) Evaluate the product for relevance to the assignment or task
  • Research and information fluency. (3B) Collect and organize information from a variety of formats, including text, audio, video, and graphics
  • Digital citizenship. (5B) Respect the intellectual property of others; (5C) Abide by copyright law and the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia; and (5F) Practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology

Create, Take Picture, and Enjoy!

A quick response (QR) code links some kind of media to a decodable image. Anything with a URL, or hyperlink, can be linked to a QR code. Images, videos, email, documents, sound, websites, and more.

You try!!

Make 1 QR code

  1. Go to
  2. Open a second tab to choose a website as an example.
  3. Copy the website and paste it in QR stuff website text box.
  4. To the right, the QR image will appear
  5. Click on download QR image
  6. When you download, click the arrow next to save to chose save as to rename your file.
Big image
Go to i-nigma app on your iPad and take a photo of the QR code on the screen. Download from iTunes:


The files you use or want linked to QR codes need a hyperlink or URL. Once you gather your images, videos, or other media, they need to be stored in a cloud storage system to create a link for each. Microsoft's OneDrive is a great solution to attain this goal. But, there is Dropbox and Google Drive that function in the same way to store files in the cloud. You can create a shareable link within each of these apps.


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