By Jania Edmunds-Porter

Interesting Facts

The country flag is very different from the USA flag because it has pictures of snakes. It has two colors, white and blue. They spend euros and American dollars. They have landlines and cell phones. They have one airport and a ferry service. They eat sea urchins, rum, creole foods, stuffed crab.
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Martinique's flag is very different!

Here's a picture of its flag...


There are plenty of different food choices in Martinique. They have desserts, various combinations of chicken, lobster,fruits, and shrimp. They offer plenty of choices for every meal. They offer an island twist to many American dishes.

Things To Do

Here are a list of things to do while traveling to Martinique

  • Slave Memorial
  • Beaches
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Scholcher Library
  • Mont Pelee
  • St.Louis Cathedral


Fashions look very unique, from the dresses to the shoes to the Barbie dolls, they are very elaborate,detailed,and original.

There fashion style is a mixture of African and American designers.