Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that occur in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. The same storms are called typhoons in the western Pacific. Hurricanes and typhoons are Earth's most violent storms.

Where does it start?

Hurricanes are born over vast oceans, usually during the beginning of fall along the eastern coast of North America and the Caribbean.

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  • Cumulonimbus are deep, massive clouds that spread horizontally into an anvil shape in the upper troposphere. This upward motion is characteristic of weather such as hurricanes.
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How To Survive A Hurricane | Survival tips for hurricanes

Danger!!!! Beware!!

  • Hurricanes can produce a lot destruction. They push pieces of wood, metal, glass, etc., through the air at deadly speeds. Roofs peel from sturdy buildings. Weaker structures are crushed. To escape danger, people must seek shelter in strong buildings with no windows. Hurricanes have taken lives. Above 100 miles (160 kilometers) per hour, winds can destroy trees.

Hurricanes 101
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Naming Hurricanes

  • Meteorologists began giving names to hurricanes and storms. They found it especially useful to use names when talking or writing about storms occurring. It is also easier to remember past storms by name than by the exact dates. A storm receives a name when it reaches tropical-storm status.