European Union Country Project

By:Aleya Williamson

Date joined the European Union?

Romania joined the European Union in 2007.

Was your country a founder of the EU?

No Romania was not a founder of the EU.

Was your country a part of another country at an point?

Yes in 2004.

Where is it located? Detailed explanation, surrounding places,geographical features near it.

Southeastern Europe,borders the Black Sea,between Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Flag history.

Model flag of France,the colors are principalities of Walachia.

Capital and at least 4 other major cities.

The capital of Romania is Bucharest. The four major cities are Iasi,Cluj-Napoca,Timisoara,and Crainova.

Tourism; what attracts people to your country. Places people should visit and why?

Attractions people go to Romania for are Sighisoara,Sibia,Brasov,and Painted Monasteries. People go to these places because there beautiful and they have nice weather.

Geography of your country. Physical features.

There's mountains,hills,plateaus,plains,and rivers in Romani

Currency type,if it is the EURO,what did they use prior?

1EURO equals 4.48 Romaia Leu.


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