Westelhardt Entertainment

By: Peter Engelhardt and Bryton West

Plainfield, IN

Indoor electric go Kart!!

Located at the airport!

Go 40+ MPH Indoors!

Go 65+ MPH on runway strips!

Our Mission

Description and Overview:

An indoor go-carting and amusement arena located in the old Indianapolis airport, dedicated to providing maximum thrill and entertainment as one of the premier go-carting experiences in the Midwest. With many features such as indoor go-karting, and game rooms along with many other attractions.

Mission Statement:

We seek to provide a family friendly environment where people of all ages can have fun and be entertained, by racing go carts.


Mon-Thur 2-12pm

Fri 2pm-2am

Sat 2-10pm

Closed Sun


We are a general partnership.

All of our employees and managers have experience in fields relating to racing or entertainment, in order to provide the best experience.


Start-up costs for our business include the building that we would be operating out of, food and drinks for the customers to purchase while driving, go carts and parts to fix them if needed. Our financial capital will come from investments from the owners.

Open Positions

Unskilled Labor could be used to tend to the store and restock the shelves. These employees would be paid the least because they are the least skilled and the supply is high.

Semi-skilled Labor could be used to assist the customers set up equipment when they are renting practice space. These employees have a relatively high supply and would require little training. These employees would have some demand and would receive fair pay.

Skilled Labor could be used to repair the instruments brought in by customers. These employees would be demanded because of their niche skill sets, because of this they would receive higher wages.

Professional Labor would be needed to market our business and maybe to assist customers by informing them of different uses for products. These employees would be paid similar wages to the employees with skilled labor because there is little demand for them, though there is a small supply.

Labor Unions

Westelhardt may face some problems if our labor force unionized due to the possibility of the company to need to raise wages or add more benefits for employees.

Westelhardt would try to work very well with the union because we would like to keep on the best of terms with our employees.