rolled film camera

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the inventor

In 1888, George Eastman made photography accessible to people of all skill levels. He had created the first rolled film camera. This easy to operate, non-expensive Kodak camera revolutionized photography. After his family moved to Rochester, New York in 1860, he developed a dry photographic plate, which was manufactured in 1880. The rolled film camera was later introduced in 1888, opting for a paper base instead of a glass base. George founded the Eastman Kodak Company because of his passion of making amateur photography easier and a lot less expensive.

evolution of the camera

how it was made

The Kodak camera was a boxy, light-weight that contained film wound up on rollers, which excludes the need for a glass plate. To make the film, a coating was applied to a paper base and while the picture was being processed, the image bearing layer was taken off of the paper and was attached to a sheet of clear hardened gelatin.


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