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Basic Information

Element Name: Hisma Haleeldeen Salahudeen
Atomic Mass: 80
Symbol: HHS
Discoverer: Mr. Khaleeldeen Salahudeen and Mrs. Sajeetha Salahudeen
  • Highly Concentrated Deposits Located in: Library
  • Extremely Low Quantities: Dumpster
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Above picture is:

  • Me (the element)
  • Hisham and Hilal, my younger brothers

Physical Properties

Surface Properties:
  • Dark Skin
  • Brown Eyes

Boils When: a person lies when the element knows it its lying

Melts If (happy things):

  • Another person smiles and is elated
  • If the element witnesses someone doing an act of kindness
  • Something adorable happens

Can Cause talkativeness if : talks about shows or books

Specimens Can Be Found in Various States:

a: Sad When:

Someone else is sad.

Something suddenly sad occurs.

Something sad happens.

b: Happy When:

Someone else is filled with joy .

Element is outside with the open air.

Finds a good book.

It's raining.

The sun is shining.

With its family.

In Malaysia and SriLanka with its extended family.


Becomes Stubborn When: It is arguing about a topic when someone else disagrees with the element.

Chemical Properties

Is Repelled (distasteful) When: An insect is nearby

Is Attracted To:

  • The Library
  • New books
  • The 'After the Rain' smell
  • Movies

May Explode Spontaneously When: computer shuts down in middle of assignment

Requires Copious Amounts of:

  • Books
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Spicy Food

Is Inert If: A complex math problem comes across the element

Will Repel (drive away): to bullies

Is Impervious To: Storms