hospital doctor

hospital doctors job description

A hospital doctor would identify and treat illness and disease in patients who have been admitted to hospital. Communication skills are really important to this role, as doctors need to be able to listen to patients and give them advice and comfort. To become a hospital doctor you will need to complete a five-year degree course in medicine and a two-year foundation program of general training. You will then need to do further expert training. The length of your expert training will depend on which area of medicine you have chosen to study. If you have strong educational abilities in science, and you want a challenging career where you will be helping people, then a job as a doctor could be ideal for you.  

hospital doctors work

As a hospital doctor, you would examine, diagnose and treat patients who have been referred to you by GPs and other health experts. Medicine is a large field, and you would specialize in a specific area. Surgery – caring for patients before, during and after an operation. You could work within one of nine areas. Medicine – treating general health conditions and working in areas. Psychiatry – working with patients experiencing mental health problems ranging from depression and anxiety. Your work could include psychotherapy, counseling, psychiatric tests and prescribing medication. As a hospital doctor you may be responsible for leading a team of medical staff, managing a department or teaching and supervising trainee doctors. There would also be paperwork to do, and part of the role would mean keeping accurate patient records. This would involve writing reports, and keeping GPs informed about the analysis and care of their patients.HoursDesc 

doctors hours and income

You would work long hours including nights and weekends. European law has reduced the number of hours you can do to no more than 48 per week.IncomeDescAs a junior hospital trainee, the basic starting salary is £22,636. This increases in the second year of foundation training to £28,076. For a doctor in specialist training the basic starting salary is £30,002.Doctors in training are paid extra if they work more than 40 hours or they work outside the hours of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. This is usually between 20% and 50% of the basic salary.Doctors in the specialty doctor grade earn between £37,176 and £69,325.Consultants can earn a basic salary of between £75,249 and £101,451 per year, dependent on length of service. Consultants working in private sector hospitals may receive higher fees.Figures are intended as a guideline only.

requiments of becoming a doctor

here are some of the requiments simplified.To become a hospital doctor you need to complete: a five-year degree in medicine, recognized by the General Medical Council (GMC)a two-year foundation program of general training specialist training in your chosen area of medicine.

skills and qualities of a doctor

To become a hospital doctor you need to have: a assurance to caring for others, the ability to work under pressure and make quick, accurate decisions, practical skills for examining patients and performing medical actions, an interest and ability in science, medicine, analysis and physiology, good communication skills and the ability to explain choices to patients, the ability to put people at their ease and inspire trust and confidence, leadership and management skills, the ability to always work to high professional standards, a keen interest in your specialist field and a willingness to keep your skills up to date.