Robots Are Helping Society

By: Adriana Corona

Robots Who Save Lives

There are many people who help others. Such as doctors,nurses,scientists, and firemen. Although, have you ever wondered if robots could do all these jobs? This idea is becoming a reality. Many robots are helping society. For example, Mr.Gower, who helps nurses and doctors. Another example is, Gemini Scout, who helps injured to safety. Lastly, Dante2, who helps scientists gather information in volcanoes. In this Article you will learn about Mr.Gower and other robots who helps save lives.

Hospital Helper

First, Mr.Gower helps nurses and doctors. He carries medicine and supplies for patients and brings them to nurses. Mr.Gower has many drawers to carry the medicine. In the text it says,”Mr.Gower can be programmed to go anywhere in the hospital.” (Langley). This helps so that if a room is far he can get there. Mr.Gower is very helpful.

Remote Robot

Next, there is Gemini Scout. He is a remote controlled robot who helps injured people.Gemini Scout collects information as he goes around. The text says ,”Gemini Scout can even drag an injured person to safety.” (Langley). Gemini is mainly used for mines to make sure the air is safe. He helps miners to safety. Gemini can be a help in many situations.

Research Robot

Lastly,Dante2 is a research and information collector. He helps scientists collect information in volcanoes. Dante2 can use his eight legs to climb the walls of the volcano. In the text it says,”Dante2 job is to climb into volcanoes to gather information for scientists.” (Langley). This helps so the scientists won’t get injured. Dante2 is very helpful for scientists.

In Conclusion

As a result, helping nurses,doctors,scientists,and injured is a big deal. Robots are now beginning to help society. Do you think robots are helping or are putting us in danger? Maybe robots are for the better of mankind? Robots may be able to solve our major problems.