Sara's Coaching Corner

Hosp Elementary December 2, 2015


Problem Solving

We have had some great conversations at collaboration about problem solving! I will be compiling all of the student behaviors and teacher behaviors to send to you.

My Favorite No

I was lucky to get to see a 5th grade teacher at McSpedden during her math block. She gave exit tickets to the students at the end of the class. The next day, the teacher chose one that had an incorrect answer. (She rewrote it so that the students couldn't recognize the handwriting.) The exit ticket was placed on the doc cam, and the teacher let students talk about the positives first. After sharing the positives, they discussed what that person did incorrectly. It was a great way to clear any misconceptions before moving on the next day! See the video below.
My Favorite No


Science Journals

When Jamie Flemmer was here, she saw some great things in the student science journals! One thing in particular was the vocabulary. Fourth grade has the students draw pictures next to each vocabulary word. What a great way for them to show their understanding!

Also, you can tear out the Explore student pages to glue into their science notebooks. Just be careful not to glue down a page you need to use. One idea is to have them staple the corners in. That way, they still have access to the other side.

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Don't forget that the Stemscopedia is a great place to practice coding!

The Stemscopedia is a great resource for ELAR teachers when teaching informational texts. So, during planning, take a look and see if you might be able to use anything from there. :)

Science Toolkit on Facebook

You should check out the Science Toolkit on Facebook! They have great examples of interactive science word walls. Their albums are done by grade level, so it's super easy to navigate. We will be getting more information soon on these science word walls.



The 3rd grade PD has been rescheduled for Thursday, December 10th in the admin training rooms from 12:30-3:30. Teachers will be re-enrolled in Eduphoria.

Review Spelling Weeks

Remember that on the review spelling weeks, we don't want to overload kiddos with 7 lists. If you are concerned about getting that extra spelling grade, we can brainstorm some authentic ways to get that extra grade. :)