Advanced Learning News

Finding the Perfect Book for Your Advanced Reader

A challenge both educators and parents face with children who are able to read at advanced levels is finding books that are developmentally appropriate. Brightly is a website dedicated to promoting a love of reading. Its creators have compiled a fabulous list of books for advanced readers in the grade 2-3 and 4-5 range. Whether your child loves fiction or nonfiction, these lists have something to engage everyone.

Summer: A Time of Abundant Enrichment Opportunities for Children

Summer is the perfect time to explore new interests or dig deeper into personal passions. We are so fortunate to live in Dane County and near the hub of a major university where access to unique events, classes, and locations abound. Whether it be spending an afternoon exploring the Pheasant Branch or participating in a public library event, summer days provide the perfect opportunity to teach your child that education also happens outside of the walls of our school buildings in powerful ways. The first link below is a comprehensive list of camps and scholarships information and the second a variety of activities for home and beyond. Enjoy planning your summer adventures in learning!

Mrs. Emily Stousland

Advanced Learning Specialist

Sunset Ridge and Park Elementary Schools