Tempature Forest

Come and be amazed


There are many types of animals inhabited in these regions of temperature forests around the world.Including mammals,reptiles,birds,and many species of bugs. Wild boar,squirrels,and deer are the most seen mammals in the deciduous forest.This also includes the birds that nest in the tree tops.In the eastern deciduous forests,amphibians like salamanders are found in leaf -litter.Then reptiles like lizards are found in believe it or in the trees.


The tree Beeches can reach up to 40 mt tall and the fruit you can find on these trees are called Beech nuts.They are located in hills and mt. Another tree Sycamore is also located in the hills and mt of the temperature forest.The oak trees that is located in these forests that can reach up to 40 mt. tall they can live up to 600-1000 years of age.There is 30 species of lime tree in the temperature forest,this tree is a beautiful tree they can also reach the height of 30 meters tall.