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Volume 4

Did You Know? Skitch

If you need to go beyond the built-in screen capturing abilities your MacBook has, open up Skitch. You can use it to snap a shot of whatever is happening on your screen. Then annotate pictures with arrows, shapes, text, highlighting, and/or their stamp tool. Use the blur tool to keep students' names and faces anonymous when posting pics to the web. Skitch gives you lots of options when you are ready to share your final product. Email it, message it, Tweet it, post it to Facebook, add it to iPhoto, or drag it to your desktop. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial or click here for a step by step guide.

Skitch is owned by EverNote, so if you already have an EverNote account, you can sync your files. You do not have to have an EverNote account to use Skitch.

***Some of you may have an older version of Skitch on your MacBook. If your icon is a heart instead of an arrow, you will need to follow these directions. If you get stuck, please contact a geek.


Cool Tools- Showbie

Showbie is not only a great website to use for your classroom, it also has a handy little app that adds more functionality to your needs.

Post your assignments, submit handouts, and have the ability to communicate with the whole class or single student in a convenient wall feed. Want to see how it works from the student's perspective? Click the first link below. Want to see what it looks like from the teacher's perspective on a computer? Click Here. For how it would look like on the iPad, Click Here
  • Be my student to see how it works! Class Code is R224Q. (Don't use the email you would want to use as a teacher, in case you like this! - You don't have to use an email to be a student.)
  • Create a teacher account! (You may have to retrieve confirmation from spam if you use your PISD account.)
  • Watch how to set up your teacher account here!
  • How to set up classes - click here! (This takes you to the location of the video about class set up. It is in the middle of the video about setting up your teacher accounts)
  • Why you want the iOS app for Showbie - click here (This takes you to the location of the video about class set up. It is in the middle of the video about setting up your teacher accounts)

App Spotlight- Haiku Deck

We've all endured those 120-slide PowerPoints where the presenter simply reads the text straight from the slide. Haiku Deck is a sleek presentation app designed to help prevent "death by PowerPoint". It encourages students (and teachers) to do the following: simplify their message, use images to amplify emotional impact, and keep formatting clean and consistent.

Simply select a theme and add your text. Choose from millions of free Creative Commons (legal to use!) background pictures or add your own images. You can also add public notes to share resources with your viewers and private notes to help you keep track of the things you want to include in your presentation. You have the ability to control privacy settings so people online see as much or as little of your "deck" as you want.

Even though this is featured as an iPad app, it is also available online and can be used with Macs and PCs. You do NOT need a user account to use the iPad app, but one is needed to create Haiku Decks with the web app.

Meet Haiku Deck - Now available on the web!

Geek of the Week

Congratulations to Amy Thurman, our first-ever Geek of the Week! Enjoy your Sonic gift card, Mrs. Thurman!

Here's this week's challenge: Stress levels are high this time of year, and your friendly, neighborhood geeks are in need of a laugh. Use your newly-found Skitch skills to create something we would find amusing. Send your masterpiece to us by Tuesday, May 6, and we will select a winner.

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