Sea turtles

Jacob Mackey


Sea turtles are really unique to sea in the ocean.Sea turtles swim in warm water.Next sea turtles shells are made of bone. Finally sea turtles eat sea creatures.Sea turtles can be really fascinating


All turtles have shells but all turtles don't have the same shells some turtles have soft shells that are leather like .Most turtles have scutes. Scutes are large hard plates that cover the shells of most turtles. Turtles shells can be really useful for perdators and for there last turtles shells can really important.


Did u know that sea turtles live in the ocean .Sea turtles live in warm water. The reef provid shelter for the turtles to rest or hide.A reef is something a shelter or and hiding place for the turtles.when the baby's eggs hatch on land they try to go in the ocean. When you are think of the ocean you think about fish however there are sea turtles live amoung the ocean to.


Sea turtles eat jelly fish also sea turtles eat crabs. When it is swimming under water the turtles nostrils get no water up his nose. It aloud to hunt under water. Turtles can be a perdator but they can also be eaten by perdator.


Sea turtles are amazing creature that rome around the ocean. To begin,turtles have a really cool shell that protect them from predators. It's like they have build it armor to keep them safe.another important even those that they have a shell to keep them safe. Habitat can also protects them like a reef.Lastly it's really cool that the turtles catch his food because when they are tring to get there food the have features that aloud them to stay it water for a long time. Undoubtedly it's a pencefull creature that lives under water.


Scutes- are plates that protect turtles.

Predator - an animal that live by killing and and eating other an

animal .

Citimate - the king of weather a place has


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