The Silent Fight

They can't talk, but they have voices too...


Ever wonder how people know your prescriptions or cosmetics are safe? Well, after these products are made, they are put through a series of tests. But for the safety of humans, these tests are done on animals (Schmidt 26) These animals are forced into dangerous experiments where their innocent lives are at risk. These animal tests include very cruel abusive procedures. The entire issue has sparked arguments everywhere. The situation goes off from positive to negative, but which is right? Animal testing should be banned because it is cruel and inhumane and less expensive alternatives now exist (Allor).

Concession 1

Some arguments for animal testing say that animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments (James 129). The California Biomedical Research Association claims that almost every medical breakthrough in the past 100 years has resulted directly from research using animals.(Schmidt 37)

Concession 2

Other facts state that animals are suitable best subjects because they

are very similar to human beings in multiple ways (Allor). Much of the DNA

possessed in Chimpanzees and mice are extremely genetically similar to

humans making test results mostly the same as it would on a human subject (Goodman).

Rebuttal 1

Although animal experimentation has helped with medical solutions and more, it is also cruel and inhumane (Lerner 78). Animals are put through many painful procedure to ensure products are safe. They are subjected to in many cases to physical restraint, prolonged periods of physical restraint, forced inhalation, food and water deprivation, the infliction of burns and other wounds to study the healing process, the infliction of paint study its effects and remedies, and more (Goodman). And in some cases, they are killed in cruel, painful ways if they still remain living after the torturous trials.The ways animals are treated in these tests are treacherously abusive and should not be accepted.

Rebuttal 2

Most of the genetic makeup in some mammals are related to humans but that doesn't mean all of them. 99% of Chimpanzee's and 98% of Mice's DNA are shared with humans but, that one or two percent of different makeup in an animal can make severe and dangerous differences in results for experiments (Allor). This is a serious mistake considering that it could cost the lives of humans for faulty products and there are alternative methods of tests that could avoid the loss of lives of any living beings. Studying cells in a small dish and using artificially realistic skin to experiment is not only safer and more accurate, but also less expensive (Schmidt 79). Millions of dollars every year are wasted on animal experimentation which could be used for potential disease cures and other more important medical breakthroughs. The new alternatives for animal testing could solve many conflicts of abuse, expenses, and accuracy in the testing of products or other medical vaccines.


Animal experimentation should be put to a stop because of the abusive methods of it and the new, accurate, and safer ways of testing products that exist now. If animal experimentation continues, prolific money will be wasted on many failed attempts at tests on animals, causing the loss of lives of those animals, and humans as well (Lerner 51). Just because animals can't talk like us human beings do, doesn't mean that they don't have voices. It doesn't mean they are not in pain (Allor). Stop animal testing by avoiding buying anything that tests their products on animals. Help the innocent animals dying and soon it can be ended.