The 6th Grade Survival Guide!

How To Become The Best Spartan You Can Be! By: Cameron Cote

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Welcome To Hickory Hills Middle School!

Welcome to Hickory Hills! In the beginning, you have to wake up early to get to the bus on time. You will have seven classes in Hickory Hills. If you want to do band, orchestra, or choir, you can now! The teacher for orchestra is Mr. Curtman, the choir teacher is Mrs. Phillips, and the band teacher is Mr. Thomas. They are really nice teachers. You will have those classes in third or fourth hour. At the end of the school year, you get to go to the 6th grade Olympics if you have less than 10 strikes. Hickory Hills is a great school.

The Ending Of My 6th grade Survival Guide!

Well good luck with 6th grade! Hope you enjoy Hickory Hills middle! Hickory Hills middle is a great school so you are lucky to go to this amazing middle school!