Computer Science Education Week

Be a Part of the Largest Learning Event in History!

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In Celebration of Admiral Grace Hopper!

Last year, over 100 million students worldwide tried an Hour of Code in one week to honor Admiral Grace Hopper, the first computer programmer born 12/09/1906.

Help celebrate her birthday by participating in the

Hour of Code 2015!

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Click Here to Learn All About Admiral Grace Hopper!

Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the first computer programmers and developed one of the first programming languages COBOL. Click above to find our more about "Amazing" Grace! One of the most amazing women in history and a computer science pioneer!

The Activities

To Get Started:

  • Click the link below to go to the Hour of Code website!
  • Click on an programming activity & try it out!
  • Receive an Hour of Code Certificate of Completion!

*To save your progress, create an account by signing in!

Click Here To Start Coding!

Click above, create an account, choose your program, and have fun!

Read, Write, Code, & Create!

Have Fun & Spread the Word: Let's Code!

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What activities did your try? What was your favorite program?