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Come to lock in Reszel.

The last witch in Europe

Barbara Zdunk was innocent - this way historians claim. She burnt down, because was a nuisance to somebody. The last victim of the Inquisition had 38 years, the four of children and the young lover - of idler which spent the majority of the time in local for inn. It is conflict among them was a spark which set fire to the stack.

To today it isn't known what Barbara did at night from 16 on 17 September 1807 Indeed did she come to the alcohol licence in which for her the boy spent a lot of time? Perhaps this way it was; furious with unconcern from the side of the lover, sent him and of him get tipsy for companions a few insults. It reached the jerking, threats flew. Barbara quickly left, in the backstreet Polish soldiers accosted her from the Napoleonic army. There were drunks.

It is just being assigned to anonymous soldiers today responsibility for the conflagration which teased this night Reszel. She teased exceptionally badly, because happened in the worst moment, when the city only just rose after the fire from before the year which digested the almost entire wooden building development (rescued the brick castle and the church built of brick). Another fire gnawed at also a lock, and to it killed two persons. Residents were furious.

Like out of spite, the Prussian public prosecutor long could not find the arsonist. As far as somebody reminded himself: of this night, when died of two people, could see Barbara in the backstreet. Furious, she bumped on walls and muttered something under her breath. And an irritated woman can do at night, in the backstreet, momentarily before breaking out of great conflagration? To call her, of course! Why? From the revenge. As? Of course, that with goblets. Witch!

Barbara is the last European witch sentenced to death in the official process. 25 years after her death the last Polish victim of slanders died against goblets. Krystyna Ceynowa from Cottages. Unpopular in the village widow after the fisherman, was surrendered by neighbours to the sample of water. Full skirts saved her from going down.

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