The Road Ahead.

Ava Butrynski

My Personality Colors

I tied with two personality colors with 10 points each. They were orange and gold. According to the results, I focus on specific details and don't like conversations that go off topic. I also listen for entertainment. If it's not intersting, I'll lose interest fast. In communication, I prefer writing and step by step things. I'm fast paced, loud, and interrupt often. My frustrations are steps, formality, slow paced things, rule breakers, laziness, and people who waste time.

Brain Hemispheres

My Team Style

My team style was creator. According to my team members, I didn't be the creator during the cup activity. In the cup activity, I played the role of the supporter.

Occupations, Skills, Values, and Interests

Occupations suggested for me are ones with computers and software. I have skills, values, and interests in them too. Software Developers and Applications, Computer Hardware Engineer, Computer Programmer, and Software Devlopers and System Software were suggested for me. I also have interests in science, math, design and pre-construction. My work values are prestige, workplace, accomplishment, innovation, and income. My skills are in Health Informatics, Logistics Planning and Management Services, Agribusiness Systems, Animal Systems, and Plant Systems. My interests are Science and Math, Biotechnology Research and Development, Programming and Software Development, Design/Pre-Construction, and Manufacturing Production Process Development.

Kuder Research: Top 3 Occupations

1. Software Developers, Applications

They modify or correct existing software, develop software for new computer programs, determine system preformance standards, consult with customers about software system design and maintenance, and plan and develop computer specifications and layout. Work in clean, comfortable offices or in laboratories where computer equipment is located.

2. Forester

They monitor trees for healthy growth, manage and conserve forested land, develop plans for planting and growing new trees, develop techniques for measuring and identifying trees, and develop contracts for the purchase of trees. Working conditions vary. Some foresters and conservation scientists work regular hours in offices or laboratories, but others may split their time between office work and fieldwork. Many have to work long hours during fire season.

3. Computer Programmer

They develop and write computer programs, collaborate with computer manufacturers and other users to develop new programming methods, correct errors by making appropriate changes and rechecking the problem to ensure that the desired results are produced, and train subordinates in programming and program coding. Work in clean, comfortable offices or laboratories where computer equipment is located. Most software engineers and programmers work about 40 hours a week. Injuries in these occupations are rare. Workers who spend long periods of time in front of the computer can experience eyestrain, back discomfort, and hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Motivation, Stress, and Team Inventories

1. My motivation score is 69, and I don't need to improve.

2. My stress score is 63, and I do need to improve.

3. My team style is creator.

College Research

My major is Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services. A school I chose was Arkansas Tech University located in Russelville, Arkansas. It's a public school and I would have to go there for 4 years. The in-state tuition is $5,070 and the cost per credit hour is $180. Books and supplies per year would be $1,410. My whole cost for 4 years of college would be $64,816.