Dynamic Learning Environment

Provides multiple means of engagement

Dynamic Learning Environment = Engagement of Expert Learners

  • research confirms environmental changes can lead to physiological and psychological changes, including improved learning
  • learning occurs through an interaction between student and learning environment
  • dynamic learning environment results in allowing all students to be actively involved in creating knowledge and establishing its value

Group Dynamics of Engangement

  • engagement with the learning task depends on the provision of a sufficiently flexible curriculum
  • allows for learner to find the right balance of challenge and support
  • without incorporating different means of learning strategies in the curriculum, students who are usually excited about learning can become disengaged
  • all students need alternative models of how to achieve a goal
  • it's not only the individual student that benefits from UDL, but the totality of learners that make up the learning environment
  • can result in an environment of expert learners

Various Learning Styles