Digital Day Project

A day with technology

My Alarm Clocks

I have multiple alarms for different things. I almost always have at least one alarm on to wake me up or to remind me of something I was supposed to do. My phone is a tool for many different things, it helps me wake up in the morning and tells me the time of the day which is an important asset. Alarms are very handy

When I wake up I immediately text my fiance telling her good morning. I text my fiance throughout the entire day and night. She makes me very happy when we talk. We talk about how our days are going and we help each other with school. We usually text until eleven in the evening. We both enjoy to laugh and make fun of one another.

Other times when I get bored enough I like to play Minecraft on my laptop. I enjoy playing Minecraft because it's a fun game because I like building things and I also enjoy RPG games. I've been playing Minecraft for about two years now and I fell in love with it the first time i played. It has such an easy to use controls and its easy to learn for beginners.

Even when I get home I still play games. I have noticed that I play a lot of games on my phone, they keep me entertained and I enjoy them. Sometimes I play games too much and my battery dies quickly, but no need to fear because I always have my trusty charger with me.

When I'm not playing games, I check Facebook to see what my friends are talking about. Facebook to me has become boring in the past couple of years. Of course as you might have already guessed Facebook is already on my phone.


In conclusion, I've come to realize that I rely on my phone for many things including cyber-social interactions and entertainment for boring times.