Brian Gould

Why Sugar?

I chose to research sugar as my addiction topic because it is something that I consume daily. I wanted to know more about this addiction and possibly if i should cut out the amount of sugar I eat. The idea that such a common food product can be considered an addictive substance interests me.
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Interesting Part of Sugar Addiction

What i found interesting about the consumption of sugar is that you have to burn the sugarcane to get to the actual sugar. I never thought that sugar cubes grew on trees, but I never knew it had to be burned to be accessed.

Statistics on Sugar

  • The percentage of people that are actually addicted to sugar is unknown. The medical field has no way of actually clinically testing whether or not sugar is addictive. People's understanding of the addiction is based on others experiences and what they say they felt.
  • There is not a definite number of people that die a year from sugar, but it is linked to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in America with 69,071 people dying last year. About 610,000 people die a year from heart disease and 589,430 people died from cancer every year on average.
  • 100% of people eat sugars. Sugar is needed to survive! this means that no matter what you eat, your body can convert it into sugar.

Impacts on a Person's Life

Having a sugar addiction can impact a person's life by making them dependable on sugary snacks. It impacts their mental process because they are constantly thinking of their next snack. Their behavior can change by becoming moody or energetic and then suddenly lethargic. Having a sugar addiction can hurt somebody financially by making them spend money on junk food. It hurts a person's health overall because it raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity which can lead to cancer. Maintaining a healthy diet is important and a sugar addiction can become dangerous.

Sugar Addiction


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