Tim Berton

Designer, Student, and Prospective Teacher

A little background information:

I am a fifth-year design student at Adrian College. I will be graduating in May with my BS degree in Interior Design.

I graduated from Onsted High School in May of 2007 and Immediately continued on to attend Adrian College. I was in the original group who founded the Adrian College Marching Band and continued with them until 2012 when, much to my dismay, I had to leave them to focus more on my studies. At this point in time I had spent 9 years marching in the band and 13 years in various music programs.

Originally, my plan was to continue after my bachelors degree and receive my masters degree in architecture. Over the years I had fallen in love with the idea and career field of interior design and couldn't bear to veer away from that field.

Recently however, I have found myself wondering if the economy is stable enough to need me in the design field. At this point, it was back to the drawing boards. After much encouragement from my professors, I am beginning to look into the idea of becoming a teacher. Although this plan is still in its beginning stages, I do feel that obtaining my masters degree for teaching would be a great move for me to make for my future.

What do I play?

What kind of music do I enjoy?

  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Techno/Electronica
  • Non-"Gangsta" style rap
  • Jazz
  • Instrumental
  • Christian
  • Pop
  • Some Country
  • K-Pop
  • Disney Musicals
  • Opera
  • Broadway
  • Comedy Musicians