Scottish Immigrants

On Our Way to Paradise

Abbie Hall; Coach Vice Texas History; 3rd Period

Why Here? Why Now?

For years there have been immigrants come from all over the world just get the opportunity offered in America or, more specifically, Texas. Those of Scottish descent were only one group of people coming to Texas, although their drive may not have been the same as the others. Many of the Scottish fled from the oppressive monarchy who forced them to follow their religion, Catholicism. No longer wanting to heed under the king and queens rule, the Scot's made there way to Texas. Some did not give a thought about Monarchy and simply wished to raise cattle, build railroads and find their fortunes in Texas.

Scotland: Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

No One Provokes Me with Impunity

Scotland's national motto is as follows; Nemo me ipune lacessit, meaning no one provokes me with impunity in Latin. The Scottish are a people of many talents. The Scottish never lost their culture and pizazz and even today you attend Scottish festivals all over Texas. These festivals include a number of sports and competitions, but also include traditional Scottish food and music such as piping and drumming, accompanied by dance. In addition to this, the Scottish, in their homeland, were organized into clans. The dictionary defines clans as "a group of families or households.... the heads of which claim descent from a common ancestor. Clans are a huge part of Scottish culture, defining them as a people and setting them apart from other European settlers.

The Clans of Scotland


When many think of Scotland, they think of kilts. Kilts are traditional skirts worn by many in Scotland. They are usually associated with yodeling or bagpipes. The stereotypical Scottish man is generally thought of wearing kilts and playing bagpipes in the Scottish Highlands.


Shortbread is tasty little biscuits (cookies) made from simple ingredients: Flour, butter, sugar, and cornstarch. This treat was very popular in Scotland because it tasted delicious and was made from very simple ingredients that could be easily come by.


A huge part of the Scottish culture is alcohol, so much, in fact, that they had their own drink named after them. Back in the day, alcohol was actually, healthier than water. The Scottish and other Europeans could not properly sanitize their water and different forms of alcohol would clean it in the process. Also, after a long day of laborious work, it would help, well, ease their pain.

Those of Importance

The Scot's of Texas History

There were many of significance in Texas history who's ancestors can be traced back to Scot and Scot-Irish. As I said before, Scot-Irish refers to those of Scottish and Irish descent or scion of Scottish, but were born or moved to Northern Ireland. Sam Houston, the leader of the Texas army through the revolution and the first President of Texas, was of Scott-Irish descent, just like Stephen F. Austin, one of the first to colonize Texas and known as the "Father of Texas". Also, Chief Bowles, a Cherokee leader who was killed by Mirabeau Lamar, was half Scottish half Cherokee. You could tell by his fiery red hair and light eyes.

Scotland's Contribution

The Scottish, unlike some other immigrant groups, did not establish exclusive colonies, but quickly dispersed throughout Texas. Although not many stuck together, the Scottish did make one huge contribution. Stone workers were brought all the way from Scotland to Texas to build most of what is the present day capitol building. These granite workers went on to build even more around Texas. Although the Scottish dispersed through Texas, they quickly organized and created the Universal Order of Scottish Clans. Even though they were in a new land, the clans still tried to connect and it is amazing how they all stuck together.

Trivial Factoids


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Mary Queen of Scots

A Brief History

Mary suceeded the throne at the age of one week after her father, James V died. She married King Francis II, becoming Queen of England, Scotland, and France. After her husband died she was no longer queen of France and went to marry her cousin. Her new husband then murdered her secretary and was later assassinated. She gave birth to King James VI and then married Earl of Bothwell. Scottish lords then locked her up and she gave the throne up to her son.

Immigration Nation

Scottish Texas Today

Scotland once made its mark in Texas, bring wonderful people to do wonderful things and building the capitol, but what with the Scots now? Now, the Scottish still organize as clans to do Scottish festivals and games. They have traditional piping music and dance adjoined with traditional food (such as Haggis) and drink. They enjoy strenuous, traditional sports on clan teams. The Scottish have brought those who made Texas free and who made Texas part and they will never be forgotten.

Shaping Texas

When Texas was inhabited it was filled with Americans and Mexicans, but where did they come from and how did they get here? People from all over the world came to America and specifically Texas. With all these intertwining cultures, languages, races, and religions this state and this country was defined as a land of opportunity for anyone willing to make the journey. Many came to Texas, after it was free from Mexico, to be able to pick their own religion and the enthusiasm for starting new lives were met with hardships, but they were muscled through. I believe that a country, a state is defined by the people it is inhabited by. The diversity of Texas shows that it is full over different thoughts and different races, but they are all brought together by the thing they love; Texas. And Texas is well suited to it! Texas is better off with immigration, which has made it the big, bright state it is today.

Post Script

I am of Scottish descent myself; immigrants came to America, from Scotland, seeking the wonders of the new world. Not only that, but a funny coincidence is that, before we knew our Scottish descent, we already had our dog, originally from Scotland (A Cairn Terrier). You would easily be able to see, by the fair skin of my family, our Scottish descent.



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Trivial Factoids: Answers

1. David Tennant

2. Tilda Swinton

3. Ewan McGregor