By: Sidney Leuthold


Apollo is an immortal god.

Apollo is the god of music.

Roman name-Apollo

Apollo's family



children-Asclepius, Orpheus, Troilus and Anistaeus


~Apollo owned the precious gift of prophecy, given to him by his father.

~His name came from the greek word Apollyon meaning destroyer.

~He was often seen playing a golden lyre.

~His twin sister is Artimis.

~He is the god of music.

~Symbols; lyre,tripod,laurel tree,and the navei stone.

~Holy animal is the Dolphin.

~He slayed the giant tityos.

~He had the power to heal.

~He caused a invasion of mice.

Why I chose Apollo

I chose Apollo because I like music. I play an instrument jut like Apollo. Another reason I chose Apollo is because his spirit animal is a dolphin! My favorite animal is a dolphin!

How this represents my personality?

This represents me because he plays an instrument and I play one too! Apollo has the power to heal people! I also like to help people! Apollo has a sister I also have a sister.
Apollo Greek God