True Friends will always help you

Teddy Wright 1st and 2nd period

Analysis of the Development of Theme

The setting allowed for the characters to bond. When Freak went up on Max's shoulders and they went to the medical research place, it allowed for a secret to go between them. That secret allowed to trust each other a little more. The plot had many opportunities for Max and Freak to work together and trust each other. Independence Day, when they went on "quests," school, when Max was captured, and when Freak was in the hospital. One time the characters Iggy, Freak, Max, and Loretta, were talking after her purse was returned. Freak and Max got shoved out the door, after being rejected by Iggy, on page 72. Freak then said,"Now that was an adventure, huh." That was another thing that made them closer friends.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My reaction was surprised at the end when Freak died. I was surprised because throughout the whole story Freak and Max were inseparable. Although, it was part of the theme, because even though he died he still helped Max progress in so many things. For instance, Freak gave Max a book to write in about all the adventures that they went on. Another example was the Christmas gift that he gave Max. I think that the author developed it well, because even though there weren't many clear instances, you could tell that through the whole book they were helping each other though different conflicts, little by little. There was just that vibe through the whole story of friendship Compared to today, there seems to be a lot less person to person interactions, but I still think that friends are a big part in progressing in life. I also know in my life that friends are a huge part of my life.


The main idea of the story could have been many different things, but I think the main idea is that everyone can be friends. I chose this because who would think that somebody that is really smart, and really short, would befriend a really tall, and really dumb person? That just doesn't seem like a likely combination, but no matter the circumstances, it's funny how the weirdest things bring people together. Early on Freak lost his ornithopter and that was how they got to be friends. They went on many "quests," together and Freak usually rode on Max's back, throughout the story they became closer friends. Killer Kane captured Max, and guess who rescued him? Freak! At the end Freak dies, but Max still has a book that Freak gave him in his last few days, to write in, about all their adventures. This shows you how good friends they were.

Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick was born in 1951, Boston MA. He is a writer for adults and children, and he has been awarded the John Newberry Medal, and the Shamus Award for best Original P.I. Paperback. Other books he has written are, The Last book in the Universe, Young Man and the Sea, and The mostly True adventure of Homer P. Figg. You can find more info about him on his wikipedia site, which the link is under this. Plus I have posted a video under too.
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