Andrew Jackson

Why he is a zero and not a hero


Andrew Jackson is a zero because he didn't do a very good job as a president, For example Andrew Jackson used more veto then any other president before him. Andrew Jackson had to follow the constitution but that does not mean he did. He did not care about it at all.

Andrew Jackson signed the Indian removal law which meant they allowed the US government to exchange the Indians land with less desirable land west of the Mississippi river. This led to the Worcester vs Georgia. This was the Cherokee nation which was a sovereign nation and Georgia could not interfere with the Cherokee. Andrew Jackson ignored the ruling and refused to enforce it. Georgia militia forced the Cherokee off their land to march west to Oklahoma in what became known as the Trail of Tears, Thousands died.

If He was a hero

If Andrew Jackson was a hero he would have took things more seriously. Like for example the constitution and laws. He wouldn't have abused his powers. Andrew Jackson would have been more caring about what he did. And would have been careful about the laws he made and the things he had said.

Outcome of Andrew Jackson being a zero.

Andrew Jackson Fails


All though Andrew Jackson brought the government to the people. He didn't do a very good job setting it up.

Andrew Jackson never stopped slavery which wasn't good. Most slaves suffered.