Grade 2 Newsletter

Week 16 Christmas Term 5th December 2014

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

A Lasallian International School


We have continued with mapping skills this week and completed our second assessment on being able to make maps of familiar places. We walked to the Polo Club, ate our lunch and then went on a short tour to make a draft of our maps. The children needed to think about proportion, aerial view, key, compass rose and direction. They then returned to class to make their final map.

Next week, we will discuss how explorations have changed the lives we live today.



The Café Strategy is: To use a dictionary, thesaurus or glossary as tools.

This week the children have learned the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus; now knowing when is the best time to use each one. While reading books, the children looked up words to see if they could replace it with a different word and then apply it when writing. With words that they are unsure of, they would use the dictionary to find the meaning of the word and/or use the thesaurus to gain more understanding.

This strategy is explained in more detail in the pipeline below.,_Thesauruses,_and_Glossaries_as_Tools.pdf


We are bringing our Unit of Study: Author Study with Narrative Writing to an end. This week, we recapped the features of narrative writing, including dialogue. The children have been busy making a book to share with their buddy class next week. Some buddy classes are Preps and one is a Grade 3 class. This made the children think about the age of the reader (or person listening to the story) and what kind of problems and events would suit that particular age group. Many of the books have included a Christmas theme.

Our Handwriting focused on the joined-up letters of 'of'.


Our Spelling lessons focused on adding y to a word.

  • For most words, just add y. (sleep - sleepy)
  • If the word has a short vowel sound, then you double the final consonent and y. (fun - funny)
  • If the word ends in e, take off the final e and add y. (laze - lazy)

In grammar, we continued to focus this week on how to use 'speech marks' or 'quotation marks'.


In Maths this week we continued practicing our 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables and lots of us are now able to answer multiplication and division questions with speed and accuracy. We know the link between multiplication and division and we have been able to apply this knowledge when solving word problems. We can look carefully at a word problem, understand which operation to use (multiplication and division) and write the correct equation and answer to the problem.

Next week, we will end this chapter and complete our assessment on Word Problems: Multiplication and Division. We will also complete our "Topical Test" where we will get the chance to show all that we know about multiplication and division, the tables of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 as well as word problems.


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In ICT our Grade 2 students have been on an adventure to the virtual world of Petra's Planet, exploring new places, discovering the people and animals who live there, learning about different cultures and helping to solve missions.

Our students are now ready to continue their explorations at home, the link below will be the key they need to access the virtual world of Petra's Planet. They already know their usernames and passwords...STAY CURIOUS!


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SJI Calendars

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Pease be reminded that school closes at 12.20 on Friday 12th December 2014 for Grades 1 - 6.

Home Learning


No maths homework this week, but please do continue to practise your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.


No formal homework this week but please review words ending in er, est and y.

Handwriting: Please see your child’s Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page.

Reading: Read for 10 to 20 minutes each night.